The world's largest baby is born to a mother with gestational diabetes

The world's largest baby is born to a mother with gestational diabetes

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The birth of a baby in Germany has filled the front pages of newspapers around the world, and no wonder, because this girl, named Jasleen, is a unique case so far.

The newborn is considered the largest baby in the world, since he has weighed 6.11 kilos and measured 57.5 centimeters. The delivery that took place at the University Hospital in Leipzig occurred naturally.

We had seen other big babies in Iran, Russia, Brazil or China, but little Jasleen has surpassed them all. One of the most surprising things about this event is that the delivery occurred naturally, an unusual event that makes us wince, especially to those of us who have had natural births.

How is it possible for such a big baby to be born? It is the question that many of us have asked ourselves, perhaps the answer lies in the gestational diabetes that the mother suffered and that had not been diagnosed during pregnancy. "My stomach was much bigger this time, but I had no idea that there was something so gigantic inside me," declared his mother according to the British newspaper Daily Mail. This is her third child, she already has another 11 and two years, respectively. According to the mother, they weighed a third of what Jasleen weighs today.

Gestational diabetes usually appears or is first diagnosed around week 28 of pregnancy and affects approximately 4 percent of pregnant women.

It is important follow all medical checks during pregnancy so that this or other diseases that could complicate the pregnancy and the baby's development can be diagnosed. If diabetes is not controlled, there are serious risks to mother and baby.

Among the risks of uncontrolled diabetes in pregnancy are: vascular lesions, respiratory problems in the baby or even baby may be too bigSince part of the excess sugar in the blood reaches you and can be dangerous for your organs. In addition, the baby would be more likely to become an obese child and a diabetic adult.

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