First case of cure in a baby with AIDS

First case of cure in a baby with AIDS

In 2010, a mother in Mississippi gave birth to a girl prematurely. This event is not strange, every year thousands of premature babies are born in the world. However, the story does not end here: the mother was unaware that she was infected with the AIDS virus (HIV). When the baby was born, the little girl underwent a test and was positive for the acquired immunodeficiency virus. The doctors then decided to transfer the baby to the University of Mississippi Medical Center for immediate treatment.

Unfortunately, this story is also repeated in many parts of the world, mothers who are carriers of the AIDS virus have babies who suffer from this disease. But the case of this girl from Mississippi is unique in the world. The doctors who followed her case, tried an aggressive antiretroviral treatment with her in the hours immediately after her birth. The girl continued her treatment until last year when her medication was withdrawn and since then no sign of virus has been detected in your body.

This case is a great joy both for the medical community that sees before it a possible cure for AIDS in babies by treating them early, as well as for the parents who suffer from this situation.

The history of this family is the second documented case of an HIV cure in the world. The first was Timothy Ray Brown, a 46-year-old American who received a bone marrow transplant in 2008 at a Berlin Hospital and was cured of both leukemia and HIV. This transplant was made from a special donor, since he had a genetic mutation known as delta-32, which makes people who have it immune against most strains of HIV.

Investigators now have before them an open door to curing AIDS in babies Newborns, however, believe that although this case from Mississippi shows that HIV can be curable, they need to do more testing with this same treatment in other children. In any case, this event can change the way that pregnant moms who are infected with acquired immunodeficiency virus and their babies are treated around the world.

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