GuiaInfantil Network TV. Internet television for parents and children

GuiaInfantil Network TV. Internet television for parents and children

We are partying on site. The GuiaInfantil Network TV, the first parenting network in the world. What does that mean? Well, from now on, parents, children and the whole family, as well as teachers, will be able to enjoy a channel or platform of quality videos, previously filtered, in a safe, comfortable and organized way. They are videos with informative, educational, pedagogical and playful content, for the whole family.

In GuiaInfantil Network, a project that has already been underway for about 8 months, we select videos with quality content and that are of interest to parents, children and teachers. We offer informative videos with specialist advice to parents on pregnancy, health and education topics, as well as audiovisual resources for the entertainment and learning of children. There is everything: children's crafts, tutorials on how to draw, how to make shapes with balloons, papers, stories, songs, riddles and jokes for children, etc. After all, children are our best motivation in this project.

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Considering that the future of television will be on the Internet, we have created this pioneering family-centered project. Since it was created, GuiaInfantil Network has managed to bring together 72 channels associated with the YouTube Partner network. They are Partners from all over the world, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, England, Canada, Chile, Hawaii, India, etc. Among those associated with our TV channel are AMEI (World Association of Early Childhood Educators), production companies such as A tiempo, Punkrobot, Marmota Studio, Toy Cantando or Neptuno Films (creators of Los Lunnis), etc.

GuiaInfantil Network has an average of 500 thousand visits / day. Among the videos that have the most successes on this platform, we find hits such as 'The song of the ducklings cua cua cua', 'The sounds of the animals', 'the chocolo dog', 'the songs of Traposo', among many others. If you make quality videos for children and want to participate in GuiaInfantil Network, you can contact us through our channel, by clicking HERE.

If you want to learn more about our video platform, you will only have to visit our profiles on Facebook and Twitter.


Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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